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Looking to Save Energy? Chase It


Chase Electric works with companies to take an honest approach to energy savings projects.


We understand that you want to save money by conserving energy and we’re dedicated to helping you get there. Let’s meet at your facility and look for real money-saving energy opportunities.


There are companies out there who promise to save you a lot of money. We prefer to look at things from a realistic approach by ranking potential energy-saving opportunities from best to worse. We understand business and what a real return on investment means. Therefore we promise to be truthful with you about our findings, and suggest capital improvements that are based on conservative energy-saving results.


When it comes to energy work, here are some of our skills:


  • Outdoor lighting: parking lot pole lighting upgrades, low-voltage landscape lighting & signage

  • Indoor lighting: office fluorescent conversions, manufacturing and warehouse upgrades, task lighting & day lighting controls

  • Safety: low-power emergency egress lighting replacements

  • Motors: replacements, VFDs & variable speed controls

  • Generators: Whole house & critical back-up systems

  • Utility & tax energy rebates


Here are some steps to take as you evaluate energy savings:


1. Audit your Facility


The potential money-saving opportunities associated with building utilities are frequently overlooked. Industrial plants and commercial buildings often have very large energy wasters that can be reduced to show rapid returns on investment. Some of these are listed below:


  • Exhaust Air

  • Once-Used Water

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Boiler and Steam Systems

  • LightingMotors and Drives

  • Domestic Hot Water


2. Prepare Layouts and Utility Maps


An accurate plant or facility layout showing your utilities (electrical, piping, etc.) will allow for a more accurate energy audit. It is also useful in communicating energy-saving ideas to your maintenance personnel and contractors.


3. Consider the Costs


To make financially responsible decisions on energy-saving facility changes, you will want to consider several things:


  • Federal Tax Incentives

  • State Energy Grants

  • Utility Rebates

  • Low Interest Energy Loan Programs

  • Types and costs of energy used

  • First-cost options for your installation

  • Time-projected value of your investment vs. your normal anticipated business profits

  • Time-projected cost of energy

  • Can you justify financing the project?

  • What's the financial impact of phasing the project over time?

  • How much will it cost if you wait?


Showing a return on investment on paper to justify a project is much easier than getting consistent long-term energy savings. Through on-going maintenance, you can further assure the financial success of your project.


4. Maintaining your Systems


Maintenance of your systems can help you ensure that they continue to meet their original energy-savings intent.


5. Use a Licensed Electrical contractor


Chase Electric has been providing professional electrical installations for over 17 years. Jim Chase is a master electrician and has been in the industry since 1990.




  • We understand the challenges in facilities

  • We have great solutions

  • We have proven results

  • Our implementation process works


6. Call Us At 937.832.1699

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